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Tree Removal

Tree removal is a highly specialised area that requires a great deal of skill, training and expertise, there are a number of reasons why trees need to be removed.


  • Damaged
  • Dead or dying
  • Hazardous
  • Diseased
  • Damaging property or services / powerline clearing

At D & C Tree Services, we have the ability to access and safely undertake all aspects of tree removal. No site is too difficult or complex for our highly-skilled team. We have a full range of specialised equipment to carry out all tree removals.

Defects from diseased, dying or hazardous trees can be genetic, storm-related or as a consequence of previous poor management practices. Our qualified team of arborists will advise you on the best solution for your trees.

All tree removals are undertaken in compliance with WorkCover NSW - Amenity Tree Industry "code of practice" 1998. We can also advise on any council approval required for tree removals and can assist with council applications.

Land & Site Clearing

Land and site clearing involves the complete removal of trees so that land can be used for different purposes.


  • Sub-division
  • Development
  • Powerline easement
  • Better use of land

D & C Tree Services understands the careful planning required for land and site clearing to ensure the health and safety of protected flora and fauna. We have the qualifications and expertise to help you with all your land clearing needs, we can advise you on any council approval and assist you with council applications.

The team at D & C Tree Services is fully equipped to complete a wide range of jobs from residential and commercial site clearing, to rural land clearing for sub-divisions. We have the correct approach to devise the best land clearing solution for both the environment and your property.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an integral part of tree maintenance and is carried out for a number of different reasons.


  • Removal of deadwood
  • Crown thinning
  • Removal of diseased or storm damaged branches
  • Removal of branches obstructing services and property
  • Powerline clearing

Through comprehensive training and implementations of best practice pruning principles, the team of highly-trained arborists at D & C Tree Services understands trees. They will offer you accurate advice on your trees and how they will respond to pruning.

All pruning is undertaken in compliance with the Australian Standard (AS4373-2007) for the pruning of amenity trees. We can also advise you on any council approval required for tree pruning and can assist with council applications.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is often the most economical and site-friendly strategy for stump removal and is important for a number of reasons:

  • Safety hazard
  • Habitat for termites
  • Fungal pathogen that may affect retaining live trees
  • Look unsightly

At D & C Tree Services, we can remove any stump in any location with our range of stump grinding machines. Our team of experts are highly-skilled and trained in the use of our equipment, enabling them to complete your stump grinding job in a safe, tidy and efficient manner.

All stump grinding is undertaken in compliance with WorkCover NSW Amenity Tree Industry "code of practice" 1998.

Tree Transplanting

At D & C Tree Services our team of qualified arborists have the sound knowledge, experience and equipment to tree transplanting your tree successfully.

At D & C Tree Services our qualified arborists can provide you with a tree transplanting option if your tree can be safely excavated. Some reasons for tree transplanting include:

  • Tree in unsuitable location
  • Tree outgrown location
  • Trees transplanting to new subdivisions
  • Developments
  • Renovations


Deadwooding (the essential part of a tree's health) is the removal of branches to a specified diameter and location.

Reasons for deadwooding include:

  • Hazardous to people and property
  • Tree owners duty of care
  • Limit diseases
  • Enhance the beauty of the tree
  • Possible food source for dangerous pests

D & C Tree Services team of highly-skilled and trained arborists are capable of providing you with accurate advice on how your tree will respond to best practice deadwood removal including consideration of habitat value.

The removal of deadwood reduces possible food sources for dangerous pests, can limit diseases and also enhance the beauty of the tree itself. Importantly, it also addresses a tree owner's legal responsibility relative to "reasonable duty of care" as deadwood can become a hazard for people and property particularly in storms.

All deadwood pruning is undertaken in compliance with the Australian Standard (AS4373- 2007) for the pruning of amenity trees. No council approval is needed for the removal of deadwood.

24-hour Emergency Service

Emergency tree services are sometimes a necessity in the unpredictable severe weather conditions we encounter in NSW. Reasons for emergency call-outs include:

  • Storm damage
  • Dangerous hanging branches
  • Fallen and hazardous branches
  • Fallen and hazardous trees

D & C Tree Services are ready to respond 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and are fully equipped to cater for any emergency situation. We are specialists in the area and regularly complete emergency work for the State Emergency Service.

If you need a tree taken care of in an emergency call D & C Tree Services 24/7 on 0418 685 373.

Palm Maintenance & Removal

Palm maintenance and removal is a highly-specialised area as palm trunk structure is vastly different to that of woody trees.

Reasons for palm removal and maintenance include:

  • Dead, dying and hazardous fronds
  • Removal of fruit and pods to keep away unwanted pests
  • Pruning of aesthetics
  • Dead, dying and hazardous palms
  • Cocos palms which are a noxious weed

D & C Tree Services are highly-trained and skilled in palm tree maintenance and removal. We can offer the correct advice relative to specific palm species and have the necessary equipment and expertise to complete any job.

It is advisable to have palm cleaning done regularly or when dead or dying fronds, seed pods and hanging fruit are visible. Competent and safe palm maintenance and removal requires the use of specialised rigging and lifting equipment to be compliant with the Australia Standard (AS4373-2007) for the pruning of amenity trees.


ARBORIST - A professional in the practice of arboriculture, which is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants.
BARK INCLUSION - A narrow or appressed junction between two or more branches where bark formation continues to develop, gradually pushing the adjacent limb out from the primary one causing severe stress on the internal wood structure.
BRANCH COLLAR - A branch collar is the attachment structure in woody plants that connects a branch to its parent branch or to the trunk.
COARSE PRUNING - Consists of the removal of dead, diseased or obviously weak branches down to 50mm in diameter.
CROWN / CANOPY - Consists of the mass of foliage and branches growing outward from the trunk of the tree.
CROWN / CANOPY LIFTING - The removal of the lower branches of a tree to a given height crown / canopy reduction- reducing the height and or spread of a tree by selectively cutting back to smaller branches.
DEADWOOD - The dead branches or wood on a tree.
DEADWOODING - The removal of deadwood from a tree.
DECIDUOUS - Trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally.
FINE PRUNING - Removal of dead and diseased tissue, crossing and weak branches down to 12mm in diameter.
FOLLAGE - The leaves of a plant or tree.
FORMATIVE PRUNING - Pruning of a tree while it is still young to maintain a particular shape and reduce likelihood of future problems.
LEADER - Primary stem of a plant, usually the top stem.
LIMB - Any of the main branches arising from the trunk of a tree.
MEDIUM PRUNING - Removal of dead and diseased tissue, crossing and weak branches on the main trunk as well as those inside the leaf area down to 25mm in diameter.
PRUNING - The removal of dead, dying and diseased branches which may cause a tree distress and unstable growth.
SELECTIVE PRUNING - The removal of specific branches without being detrimental to the health of the tree.
STEM - The main body or stalk of a plant or shrub.
THINNING - Includes crown clearing and the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown.
TRUNK -The main stem of a tree usually covered with bark.

About D & C Tree Services

D & C Tree Services in the Hunter Valley specialise in all aspects of tree work. Our services include tree removal, stump grinding, land and site clearing, pruning, deadwooding and tree transplanting. We are fully insured and qualified to undertake 24/7 emergency tree services including storm damage and powerline clearing. Call us today to arrange a free quote.

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